• Shadow Demon X

    Me: A long time ago I made up this thang and I waz gonna turn it into a comic book...

    My random nerd friend: u mean graphic novels :P I am not a nerd (in denial) (but is ok cuz I nerd too XD)

    Me: anyway, I scrached the idea and went on to different things, sometimes I would write about some fantasy stuff and every time I would realize it is similar to my origional idea, no matter what I make it is somehow connected to my first ever comic book (grahpic novel) idea... weird huh?

    My random nerd friend: why u telling me this and putting it on a blog??

    Me: idk :'(

    Troll guy: what was it about?

    Me: *explains*

    Troll guy: (sarcastic) cool story bro, u should publish it

    Me: thanks....hey, wait a minute!

    Troll guy: Trolololololololol XD

    Me: anyway, I posted t…

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  • Adventure King 1

    Blog Topic

    April 29, 2012 by Adventure King 1

    Okay this is just to kick off the Wiki May's Topic for Best Story is Adventure Time OC's write your best story while using your ownn AT OC and if you don't know what AT is go watch Cartonn Network. This topic might be reused in the Feature

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  • PitsBrother143

    Hello! This is my first story, I hope you like it, and comment! Thanks. I am Magnus and FFF321 is Max Ride the Dog. Everyone else is no one.

    *At Angel Island*

    Magnus: Where the crap is Max?

    Max: Im here jeez.

    Magnus: FINALLY!

    Max: Sorry I had to do my chores.

    Magnus: Come on lets go!

    *at the waterfall*

    Max: Were here everyone!

    Siens: FINALLY!

    Magnus: Thats what I said!

    Max: Give me a break!

    Dei: Ok, fine.

    Max: So..... why are we here Magnus?

    Magnus: I told you were her for Siens and Deis's parents wedding!

    Sien & Dei thinking : Wow Max has a bad memory.

    Max: Oh right.

    Priest: Everyone take your seats.

    Magnus: Come on guys.

    Sien, Dei, and Max: Ok.

    *They Sit Down*

    Priest: We are here to celebrate the love of Hi-Enas and Fe-Hias. Do you Hi-Enas, Take Fe-Hias as y…

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  • Finnfionnafan321

    Gender Swaps of Ooo and Aaa Unite!:

    (Finn and Jake are running to the Candy Kingdom)

    Finn: Come on Jake! Run faster!

    Jake: Why do you want to get there so bad?!

    Finn: Because.........uhhhhhh.......Whatever, I just want to hang out with PB! Were friends! Friends hang out with eachother!

    Jake: Whateves, let's go.

    (They keep running until they reach the Candy Kingdom)

    Finn: Okay, were here! Let's go see Bubblegum!

    (Finn and Jake open the doors to the castle)

    Finn: Where's PB?

    (They hear PB's and another person's voice from her lab)

    Jake: I hear her in the lab!

    Finn: TO THE LAB!!!!!!

    (They run up to the lab and find PB in the lab with another young man)

    Finn: JJ flip! What the zip!

    Princess Bubblegum: Hey Finn!

    Jake: PB, who is that? Is he, like, your cousin?…

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  • Finnfionnafan321

    Here are the types of fanons I am working on right now:

    • Regular show fanon
    • Adventure time fanon
    • Lab-rats fanon
    • Hunger games fanon
    • Sonic fanon
    • InuYasha fanon
    • Pokemon fanon
    • Teen Titans fanon
    • A fanon of a new story I am making up
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