Welcome to the Fan Media WikiEdit

This is Fan Media Wiki where normal people can show of their ideas for TV Shows, Movies, and even books! I will only hold the basic premise for your TV/Book series or movies the rest you have to have your on wiki about it. The stories can be your on original story or involve something mainstream (like a spin-off series). This is just a way to get your work out there. You can post a story on blogs and for every two weeks there will be a contest to see who wrote the best story based off a topic I give you. No stealing ideas because this kinda counts as proof you came up with the ideas.

Bi-Weekly Blog TopicEdit

Here is where the Bi-Weekly Blog Story is Told. Whoever writes the Best Blog Story gets a reward. I will create a poll so People can vote on the Best Story.

  • May Week 1, 2012: Adventure Time OC's