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    Gender Swaps of Ooo and Aaa Unite!:

    (Finn and Jake are running to the Candy Kingdom)

    Finn: Come on Jake! Run faster!

    Jake: Why do you want to get there so bad?!

    Finn: Because.........uhhhhhh.......Whatever, I just want to hang out with PB! Were friends! Friends hang out with eachother!

    Jake: Whateves, let's go.

    (They keep running until they reach the Candy Kingdom)

    Finn: Okay, were here! Let's go see Bubblegum!

    (Finn and Jake open the doors to the castle)

    Finn: Where's PB?

    (They hear PB's and another person's voice from her lab)

    Jake: I hear her in the lab!

    Finn: TO THE LAB!!!!!!

    (They run up to the lab and find PB in the lab with another young man)

    Finn: JJ flip! What the zip!

    Princess Bubblegum: Hey Finn!

    Jake: PB, who is that? Is he, like, your cousin?…

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    Here are the types of fanons I am working on right now:

    • Regular show fanon
    • Adventure time fanon
    • Lab-rats fanon
    • Hunger games fanon
    • Sonic fanon
    • InuYasha fanon
    • Pokemon fanon
    • Teen Titans fanon
    • A fanon of a new story I am making up
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