Hello! This is my first story, I hope you like it, and comment! Thanks. I am Magnus and FFF321 is Max Ride the Dog. Everyone else is no one.

   *At Angel Island*

Magnus: Where the crap is Max?

Max: Im here jeez.

Magnus: FINALLY!

Max: Sorry I had to do my chores.

Magnus: Come on lets go!

  *at the waterfall*

Max: Were here everyone!


Magnus: Thats what I said!

Max: Give me a break!

Dei: Ok, fine.

Max: So..... why are we here Magnus?

Magnus: I told you were her for Siens and Deis's parents wedding!

Sien & Dei thinking : Wow Max has a bad memory.

Max: Oh right.

Priest: Everyone take your seats.

Magnus: Come on guys.

Sien, Dei, and Max: Ok.

*They Sit Down*

Priest: We are here to celebrate the love of Hi-Enas and Fe-Hias. Do you Hi-Enas, Take Fe-Hias as your wife?

Hi-Enas: I do.

Priest: Do you, Fe-Hias, take Hi-Enas as your-

Eggman: ATTACK!

Magnus, Max, Sien, and Dei: CRAP!

Sien: I thought we could go 2 days without fighting this guy.

Max: Ditto.

Magnus: Come on guys. Let's fight him.

    * all attack and defeats egg man.*

Dei: Back to the wedding.

Priest: Do you, Fe-Hais take Hi-Enas as your husband?

Fe-Hais: I do.

Priest: I now pronounce you husband and wife.

      * after the wedding*

Dei: We gotta go home. See ya guys!

Max and Magnus: Peace!

                * the next day* 

Magnus: Why is Max always late?

Dei: Hey Magnus!

Magnus: What?

Dei: Sien found a cave!

Magnus: So?

Dei: Its got EggMan robots in it!

Magnus: *facepalm*

Max: Im here Magnus.

Magnus: WHY ARE YOU ALWAYS LATE?!??!???!!?

   * Max is playing with a sword*

Max: Chores.

Magnus: Why do those always take so long?

To be continued.........