• Shadow Demon X

    Me: A long time ago I made up this thang and I waz gonna turn it into a comic book...

    My random nerd friend: u mean graphic novels :P I am not a nerd (in denial) (but is ok cuz I nerd too XD)

    Me: anyway, I scrached the idea and went on to different things, sometimes I would write about some fantasy stuff and every time I would realize it is similar to my origional idea, no matter what I make it is somehow connected to my first ever comic book (grahpic novel) idea... weird huh?

    My random nerd friend: why u telling me this and putting it on a blog??

    Me: idk :'(

    Troll guy: what was it about?

    Me: *explains*

    Troll guy: (sarcastic) cool story bro, u should publish it

    Me: thanks....hey, wait a minute!

    Troll guy: Trolololololololol XD

    Me: anyway, I posted t…

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